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6th March 2010

7:00pm: I requested today off, then why am I at work?

They schedules me, even after a request in atleast 3 weeks in advance and my name noted in the calender the sceduler uses to write said schedule.

I will now miss the first half of my dads kick ass concert because I will be cleaning a chicken rotisserre. (sp?)

27th January 2010

12:08am: Just a few notes

Have been watching Big Bang Theory and if I am really good this year I just may get a Leonard of my own this year.

Will be moving to LA by the end of this year, for sure this time. Definitely need a change of scenery.

20th January 2010

10:32pm: I think I love facebook the most for my emo quips, it does feel nice to do that once in a while.

19th December 2009

1:58pm: Finished the semseter in one piece and also thinks certain people can keep their uninformed opinions to themselves.

31st July 2009

4:14pm: I can haz purpl hairz? Yes I can haz. :D

28th May 2009

1:09pm: General Update
Hello Internets!

School is out for the semester and I finally have time to start enjoying it, as in sleep and seeing and calling friends I haven't heard from in months.

School went well, I have a B in Spanish, a B in Womens History and my final Hip Hop Music grade is pending since my teacher hasn't even started grading the exams yet....grrrr. Oh well, either way Its nice to feel accomplished in school, to finally feel like I have my stuff toegther and am on the right educational track.

The kittens are big, so big in fact that two of the already have been sent away to new homes, poor Tails is the only one left with her mama. :C

Work is work. BUT I will finally start getting sundays off!!!! Im looking at you hiiruchujen! (sp?)

14th April 2009

1:48pm: Give me your unwanted books! All Santa Rosa!
Liz Berrios wants her Santa Rosa friends to go through their book shelves and give her their old books they no longer want! I am collecting books for a SRJC class to send them to prisoners! Come on people! I know you must have something! Message me if you want to drop them off at my place! They are taking everything, preferable paperback and in ok condition.

If you're like me you buy books all the time and either never get to read them or you read them and they are still siting on your shelf after 5+ years. I am going through my collection and you should do the same! Help me get some extra credit and help out some prisoners.

Call or emial me if you need more info


23rd March 2009

6:12pm: Kittens
At the moment there are three little baby kittens a a very happy kitty momma in my bathroom. Two babies are solid black and one is a black and brown tabby. The tabby, one black baby and the momma are all manx so they have little nubbin tails. Sooooo cute!

21st March 2009

7:01pm: I am getting foster kittens tonight.........*explodes*.

28th February 2009

1:33pm: I think the one thing about my job is that I can do the entire day on auto pilot. Not even really put to much effort into it and still get miles of stuff done. At Kinkos the moment I would try to do that a machine would catch fire or a co-worker would freak out at someone. Good times. :P

22nd February 2009

8:30pm: Cut for Oscar Spoilers

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4th November 2008

11:52pm: I cannot understand what I am feeling. In a good way, haha. This is history, tonight is history. The nation will change. We will change as people and as a country. Amazing.

29th October 2008

7:05pm: General Update
THings are ok. Work is keeping me busy and life is nice.

I have made a decicision to start dressing my age, that means I might need to reduce the amount of star wars shirts that I wear, lol. Basically as much as I love dressing like a 12 year old it needs to change or I atleats need clothes that I can wear when I need to or want to look nice, not fancy smancy but presentable at a family gathering or party. This of course means shpooing and lordy do I ever love that. Its probably my only girlie quality.

I met my favolirt author last nigth...AMAZING. His name is David Sedaris and is by far one of the funniest authers I have ever read. His writting is honest, witty and well thought out. Its was so cool, he signed a copy of his play he wrote and to show off my geeky ness about the whole thing I was the only person out of 200+ that had a copy of it. Thats how lame I am ...."please sign this obscure piece of literature! :D"

24th September 2008

1:30pm: For Warren!
Enjoy! I laughed my butt off. Feel free to share with other Kinkoids!

Current Mood: amused

2nd September 2008

4:03pm: Must stop planning chelles wedding
Must stop planning chelles wedding
Must stop planning chelles wedding
Must stop planning chelles wedding
Must stop planning chelles wedding
Must stop planning chelles wedding
Must stop planning chelles wedding
Must stop planning chelles wedding
Must stop planning chelles wedding
Current Mood: dorky

10th August 2008

4:53pm: Issac Hayes died. :C
Current Mood: sad

5th August 2008

2:11am: Rant enters here
* insert epiphany here*
If you know your boyfriend is stealing from your roommates ( and pawning said stolen stuff from booze money) and so called "friends" and you dont do a FUCKING thing about it you can go get hit by a semi-truck for all I care, thank god you haven tried to contact me cause i think if you did I would either hang up or slam the door in your face. You will amount to nothing because you are nothing. Enjoy retail and learn to keep your legs closed, it will get you quite far in life. Though I imagine by now you have contracted god knows how many diseases and slept with god knows how many men or boys shall I say. Its bad enough you fucked him, thanks for that by the way, it was a real self-esteem boost! :D You knew how I felt but it of course it didn't matter because you needed to get laid. back to my original anger why the hell would you let your drugger out smelly ass boyfriend steal from us? WHAT THE HELL!!! You knew and you didn't care, way to show your true colors. I could care less how long ago this happened because the more and more I think about it the more and more angry I become. Knowing you, you probably didn't even get angry when you found out. You broke up though and its for the best because now you two losers can go find two more losers to be with and that I belive is what you have done. Well done slut-bag!
Current Mood: bitchy

19th July 2008

12:06pm: Life things
I officially start at Whole Foods on Monday. So far the company and people are awesome. The people I have met want to work there, they want the store to succeed and they want to help out their co-workers. Its amazing and such a refreshing atmosphere compared to days of Kinkos past. I will honestly miss the few co-workers they I had they were just awesome all around like Best Buddy, Warren, Karan, my swing shift guys and Mr. T of day shift but beyond that I don't expect to be sending any birthday cards.

On a funny side note Whole Foods has faster computers in their back rooms than kinkos does. HA!

5th July 2008

12:47pm: A..hem
I would like make an anouncement

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14th October 2007

Current Mood: chipper

14th September 2007

7:27pm: My Future Jobs
The list is under the cuts...

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20th August 2007


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Current Mood: chipper

17th August 2007

9:31pm: Alan Rickman is in Sonoma County filming a movie right now. They were filming in the old Kinkos parking lot a few day ago. Of course I wasnt working.I must resist the urge to hunt him down....*twitchtwitch*
Current Mood: giddy

30th July 2007

4:39pm: Wewt!
You scored as Severus Snape, Well you're a tricky one aren't you? Nobody quite has you figured out and you'd probably prefer it stayed that way. That said you are a formidable force by anyone's reckoning, but there is certainly more to you than a frosty exterior and a bitter temper.


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21st July 2007

2:00pm: HARRY POTTER! OMG! Must read...NOW.

Unlike some people couch*michelle*cough, I am getting my copy today. Heehee. I am soooo excited. I plan to just real all day tommorow since I have it off.

Current Mood: excited
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